From 1st of January 2017 on Luzern tourism and local tariff association Passepartout are offering all hotel guests staying in Luzern hotels a free ticket for use in the public urban transport.
All guests staying in a Luzern hotel and paying a visitor's tax fee are eligible to the newly introduced Luzern Hotel travel ticket. The ticket is valid for trips within tariff zone 10 of the Passepartout tariff association in second class compartments. The ticket is valid on the day of arrival, during the whole stay and on the day of departure.

In other cities, it is already quite usual to combine urban transport tickets with entry tickets for concerts, fares and so forth. Surely it is an advantage for tourists and business passengers if they could plan their activities with an app as well. In addition, it would be advantageous if the opening hours of sightseeing locations, as well as details on programme highlights, entrance fees and so on were displayed in conjunction with the chosen journey.

datagon GmbH wants to offer MOTIS to cities, and regions and communities so that they can develop and combine the foregoing services to their own needs. However, a requirement is that the itinerary data is either freely available (OPEN DATA) or it is licensed.

Further information concerning Luzern Hotel tickets may be found at newstix.