Over decades, datagon GmbH has built up experience in the field of mobility, especially in relation to public transport. We support our customers in the areas of business and process analysis up to the introduction of software systems. Our experience has been applied several times in national and EU research projects. 

One focus is particularly on timetable information systems on the basis of scheduled and actual data. We have been developing MOTIS since 2001 in co-operation with the Technical University of Darmstadt (Department of Informatics - Algorithmics), under the control of Prof. Dr. Karsten Weihe and mainly on behalf of Deutsche Bahn AG or one of its subsidiaries.

MOTIS has been planned as a multi-criterial system from the very beginning and, since the end of 2009, is also able to give information on the basis of real-time data. Furthermore, travelers can be informed actively about deviations and advised in respect of best alternatives on the basis of pre-defined travel plans. 

Since 2013, the main research focus has been set to the extension of MOTIS so that it becomes an intermodal mobility information system. We are dealing here particularly with the integration of ride sharing and ride hailing systems and public/personal short distance transport.