The timetable information system "Multi Object Timetable Information System" (MOTIS) was developed almost 20 years ago in cooperation between the Technical University of Darmstadt (Department of Computer Science, Algorithmics Department), datagon GmbH and Deutsche Bahn. It is characterized by the following features:

fast train C pexels fast train (C) pexels


  • Multi-criteria search - allows the simultaneous consideration of several (flexibly expandable) criteria (e.g. travel time, number of transfers, occupancy level, comfort criteria, environmental impact)

  • Pareto Optimality - guarantees optimal results in the mathematical sense (Pareto Optimality = state in which it is not possible to improve one target property without simultaneously worsening another)

  • Real-time capability - integrates real-time data of the operators including disposition decisions

  • Individual traveller guidance - active information about operational deviations with consequences for the execution of the planned trip with recommendations for action

  • Intermodality - Identification of travel chains, also in combination of public transport according to timetables with other modes of transport (e.g. use of car sharing, car pooling)

  • Open Source - with all possibilities also for commercial use

You can find more information about MOTIS under The mobility information system MOTIS and Unique features of MOTIS. Our company datagon GmbH offers extensive support in planning, implementation and function expansion, especially interesting for IT companies that want to realize a MaaS platform on the net.