It seems as if Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) would strive for the alltime "app record". A new app is added to the existing apps: DB Bahnhof live (DB station live). This new station app aims to give passengers an overview about the actual situation at 5,400 stations in the country. DB Bahnhof live is available for iOS and Android free of charge. 

Of course, features like this are beneficial for the passenger - this is no question. But why another app? Who can download all the apps, install und use them? Who knows when to use which app? 

The structure of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) is organized by functions. Solutions are created in "function silos". The customer process is not continuously supported, i.e., DB does not focus on the customer. This can be proven as well by the fact that identical features can be processed in different implemntations on different apps. From December 2016 an additional function in the DB Navigator app appeared: viz the real-time sequence of wagons. On the DB Bahnhof live app up to that day there was only a static sequence of the wagons displayed. To get real-time information the custumer has to use another app. 

Further information concerning DB Bahnhof live: "App zeigt Daten vom Bahnhof" ("app shows data of the railway station")

Further information to real-time sequence of wagons: "Digitale Wagenreihung in Echtzeit" ("real-time sequence of wagons")