The dream of a common app for the entire short-distance transport in the Federal Republic is told in a contribution of Radio in October 2016. So far it was not possible to develop such an app. Instead, every transport association has an own app wich, however, does not contain trip opportunities across the borders of its own organization. 

IT startup companies and other technology firms continuously develop new apps in order to solve this problem. This deserves to be praised but also here we see many limitations.

Also Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) announces that passengers expect an "all-in-one-app" with information and additional services in its app "Touch and Travel" at 30th of November, but it is basically searching only in the area of its local traffic association. The concept of "Touch and Travel" was a check-in-check-out-system for passengers to check in at a station and check out at the end of the trip. Then he received an invoice later. 

As long as passengers still have to access information by searching in a multitude of apps it is no wonder if they prefer to grab their car key, to program the target into their navigator system and start driving themselves. In the sense of controlling the way from point A to point B this is definitely simpler. 

Radio report and article from dRadio Wissen: E-Tickets App Chaos im Nahverkehr